Reviewed: Xelement Extreme Black and Gray Tri-Tex Motorcycle Jacket


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I’ve made my case for leather jackets before, but the truth is that leather just isn’t everyone’s thing. I have about 8 jackets (not counting hoodies) in my closet at home, and while four of them are leather I also have a few that aren’t, such as a three-quarters nylon jacket for fall days and nights, a denim jacket that has all my Sturgis and Daytona patches sewn on, and a jacket almost identical to the one I’m reviewing today from Xelement.

The Xelement Extreme Black and Gray Tri-Tex Motorcycle Jacket is the kind of jacket you want to wear when all you care about is the road underneath you and the road ahead. There are more stylish and flashy jackets out there, some of them even made by Xelement themselves; but their Extreme black and Gray jacket still does what it needs to do as a jacket: protects you and makes you comfortable while riding.

This isn’t to say that this is a bad looking jacket, though. Not at all. It actually looks great when it’s fully zipped up and sitting tightly on your shoulders. This jacket was meant to be no frills all function, though; and it just happens to look good while accomplishing its main goal.

The Tri-Tex material is breathable, waterproof and lightweight. It allows complete movement in the areas you need flexibility, and it offers protection in the shoulders, elbows and back with removable CE Level-3 Armor (the highest level or commercial-grade armor for a jacket).

Xelement calls this a collarless design, but there is a small collar offering some neck coverage that has a nice Velcro button closure at the top. The front of the jacket also sports some padding around the pectoral area, for an added amount of protection in the event of a spill.

Xelement Extreme Black and Gray Tri-Tex2

The inside of the jacket has three different liners. The first and second are removable, with the first being for warmth, the second being a waterproof liner and the third being a built-in mesh liner that offers a good amount of breath-ability.

Additonally, the Xeelement Extreme Black and Gray Tri-Tex motorcycle jacket has more pockets than what even an octopus would need — but that’s not a complaint! I always have small and big things that I’m looking to store when I don’t have my luggage bag tied down, and this jacket lets you carry any number of different tools, electronic devices and personal items in relative comfort.

Finally, this waterproof jacket also has a kidney belt attachment to snap onto a good pair of Xelement (or other brand) motorcycle leggings. And, if you’re going to buy a jacket like this you honestly should be putting the money down on a pair of matching pants as well, as nothing sucks more than having soaked jeans and cold legs. Not to mention that the cold, wet weather can affect your legs ability to shift and brake. Those are two, very important things for wet-weather riding.

This excellent Tri-Tex motorcycle jacket from Xelement retails for $219.95, but you can buy it right now from for more than 60% off at $89.95. That kind of deal allows you to buy those matching pants you need for the normal price of a bigger-brand jacket alone. The Xelement Extreme Black and Gray Tri-Tex is not a cheaply made, fly-by-night jacket that will break apart on you, either. The customer reviews for this thing are phenomenal. So don’t just trust me on this…trust your fellow man.

If you have any questions about this jacket, or if you just want to tell us what kind of things you could put inside one of the numerous pockets that are available, leave us a comment in the section below. We love hearing from our readers!

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