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Motorcycle helmets are good at what they do, and they get better every year. The Hawk Advanced Hi-Viz Yellow Modular helmet is just an extension of where the helmet safety industry has taken us over the past 50 years.

One of the things that can never, ever be stated enough on any motorcycle website is how important rider safety is and should be. It doesn’t matter if you’re just going for a ‘quick ride’ or you’re going from New York to LA for a two-week excursion. No matter what, whenever you step onto a bike you should have safety as the front and center thought in your mind.

That’s why I really fell in love with the newest offering from Hawk Helmets during my test period with it. While the color scheme might not be for everyone, and while modular helmets are admittedly not my favorite, the Hi-Viz Yellow Modular Helmet from Hawk is a perfect safety device.

One of the reasons why I loved the helmet is right in the name: Hi-Viz Yellow. The pictures I’m putting up here don’t really do the helmet complete justice. You have to see this thing in person to appreciate just how bright and almost neon yellow this thing is. In low light and no light situations the helmet still shined brightly when even a little bit of light hit the surface. This paint-job alone makes it a very great addition to the world of safety gear for riders of all sorts.


The Hawk Advanced Hi-Viz helmet is, naturally, DOT approved, though not SNELL approved, which I found to be interesting, though it shouldn’t be game-breaking in my decision. SNELL certification is rarely given to any helmet that isn’t a traditional full-face, and most modular helmets don’t meet SNELL’s criteria for various, almost picky reasons. The shell for the helmet, nonetheless, is injection-molded ABS and Polycarbonate mixed, and felt solid and strong during our testing.

In addition to the general safety features, though, the helmet features a good ventilation system, which kept my head relatively cool on one of the warmer February days we had recently out here in Southern California; and the interior padding was moisture-wicking, and, most importantly, removable and washable.

The Advanced Hi-Viz Yellow Helmet also featured a two-visor system, one being the regular visor you’d expect to find on any modular helmet, and the second visor being a sunscreen which worked very well in some lighting situations, though not perfectly in direct sunlight, as happens during sunrise and sunset riding. In other words, you’d still want to think about hanging onto a pair of sunglasses for some periods of the day.

Overall, this helmet is about average in most ways, when compared to other modular helmets, but what makes it stick out the most is its paint scheme. This color choice alone makes it a wonderful pick for anyone who plans on doing heavy night riding, or people who have to ride in areas, like heavy traffic city streets, where they are worried about not being seen. The helmet screams, “look at me,” which is definitely something that some riders will want to be visibly shouting whenever they hop on their bikes.


While not for everyone or every situation, the helmet is definitely one of the safest options any biker can choose right now, and since it’s only $109.95 at places like it’s definitely a great steal. At that price I will definitely be picking one up for whenever I go on long road trips and will be doing extensive night riding. I cannot stress enough how much this helmet shines in the dark, and for some situations, that may be just what you need to stay safe and arrive alive.

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