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Xelement Evolution2

I’ve already expressed at least once how I feel about modular helmets. I have a preference for 3/4 and half helmets, mainly because I like to wear goggles and feel the wind on my face. Now, as someone who is constantly talking about safety I realize that it is more than just a little contradictory to say I like helmet styles that are inherently less protective than full face and modular helmets (you won’t find a SNELL approved half helmet out there that’s worth a buy). But, if I’m going to be riding a machine that is meant to make me feel the road I damn well want to feel the wind on the road as well.

The Xelement Evolution 2-in-1 helmet changes a lot of what I thought I wanted in a helmet, though. This innovative and creative new take on a motorcycle helmet has me seriously considering buying a modular-style helmet for the first time in…well, first time ever, actually.

And the reason I’d consider this modular helmet over all the other ones out there? Because it’s not actually a modular helmet.

Using a clever dual-lever system on the bottom of the helmet, the chin guard actually comes off, turning this full face helm into a 3/4 helm in about five seconds. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever had the pleasure of testing in our helmet reviews. The helmet gives me a 3/4 style helmet for most of my riding, as I prefer it, but when the rain starts to come down or if I’m going to take my bike to the track (or just a twisty road that lets me open up a bit), I can just quickly pull over, snap the chin guard and visor into place and then be back on the road in less than a minute — now sporting a DOT approved full face helmet.


Xelement made their helmet look good in both full and 3/4 modes, too. I’ve seen modular helmets galore and I’ve seen helmets with gimmicks before, as well; but I have seen most if not all of those helmets fabulously fail at looking good 100% of the time. Modular helmets look ridiculous to me, personally, when the front shield is lifted. The chin guard and visor had so much girth at the top that it also makes them impractical for any kind of high-speed riding when the shield is in the up position.

The Xelement Evolution, however, looks cool no matter what ‘mode’ you’re rocking. And, what’s better, it is 100% functional in both modes. Meaning you don’t lose anything by using one over the other. You still get excellent, glove-usable ventilation dials on the top to give a perfect amount of airflow. You still get a removable and machine washable interior. You still get the aerodynamic shell that helps improve shaking and road fatigue while doing high-speed riding.

It’s fantastic. And that’s really all I can say about it. Oh, wait, did I mention that you can buy it right now for almost a quarter of the price of many full-face helmets? Because this awesome helm retails from Motorcycle Center for just $89.95 right now. That is chump change for a champion helmet.

If I had to pick one thing I didn’t like about the Xelement Evolution 2-in-1 helmet it would have to be the weight. While it is within the acceptable range of full-face and modular helmets, coming in at just under 3.5 lbs, I would’ve liked to seen about half a pound shaved off in some way or another. This is nitpicking, though, as during my testing of the helmet I never really started to feel achy or weary of wearing it until about four-five hours of riding…which, you’re going to feel with almost any full-face helmet out there and most, if not all 3/4 helmets.

Xelement Evolution1

Finally, the skull and piston graphic on the front was not my cup of tea, but that is easily removable with a hairdryer and a little patience. I prefer my helmets to be simple and without any clutter. Your mileage may vary with this, though.

Leave a comment in the section below and tell us what you think about this nifty, new helmet from Xelement. We love hearing your feedback!

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