Reviewed: Xelement Men’s Brown Side Pocket Buckle Motorcycle Boots


Xelement Mens Brown Side Pocket Buckle Motorcycle Boots

Xelement has been on a roll recently with their winter lineup of jackets and boots. Today we review the Xelement Brown Side Pocket Buckle boots, and, just like their other fall releases, these boots are on point.

It honestly took me a while to get on board the slip on boot train. For years it was either laces, buckles, or (preferably) both. Lately, though, more and more companies have been coming out with slip on boots that not only look good (which has never been their problem, honestly), but are actually functional and safe to wear as a real motorcycle rider.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that these boots still have a buckle, and yes, that kind of is cheating; but you really have to just try these on for yourself so that you can get the feeling, like I did, that the buckle wasn’t really needed for functionality. I appreciated the buckle, located right around the base of the foot, and I liked how it gave me a little bit more peace of mind once it was slipped into place. Once I found the sweet spot for my own particular feet (I’m a size 10 1/2) I never had to mess with the buckle strap again.


As for the actual leather material these boots are made out of, it felt good and firm without being too slick and slippery (something you want to avoid in the top part of a riding boot since that’s where you’re shifting from). The outsole featured what Xelement called an “Anti-Slip and Oil Resistant surface,” which, while I didn’t go looking for oil to try and slip on, I did notice a hefty amount of grip when walking and resting my feet on my bike’s paddles.

From the name of the boots it would do them a disservice to not mention the side pocket, even though its uses really are limited. The pocket was long enough for a small knife or multitool, but I’m not sure I’d put either of those inside of it, just because of how tightly sewn the side pockets are. When I put a thin Gerber pocket knife in one of the boots I noticed that I could feet it on the inside of my ankle when wearing the boots — not something that would be really comfortable if you wanted to do any realistic amount of post-ride walking and sightseeing. The pocket could get good use for maybe some emergency cash, a credit or phone card or something else thin and light; otherwise the boot pockets are just for show.

Lastly, as far as the overall look goes, I really dug this style of boot. While the finger loop on the back of each boot definitely helped with slipping the boots on and off, it still was just slightly too noticeable for my liking, but, honestly, since you can’t see it when you put your pants or chaps down over it, it really is the smallest of complaints I could have. When just walking around in jeans and these boots I got several compliments on how they looked “retro” and “cool.” And they definitely are cool — even after a three hour ride.


The boots retail for $159.00, but as of this writing you can find them on ebay and use the “Buy Now” option to snag them for just $89.95.

If you’re in the market for some new boots this fall, even if you have to wait till the spring to ride again, I would most definitely recommend these Xelement Brown Leather boots. If you have them, or any other Xelement gear for that matter, leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!

EDIT: We’ve updated the pricing available on to reflect the current discounted price, and will make any additional changes as necessary.

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2 Responses to Reviewed: Xelement Men’s Brown Side Pocket Buckle Motorcycle Boots

  1. Reuben says:

    Hello – I’ve never bought boots before, and someone told me I should buy at two sizes down from my regular shoe. Do I need to do that or can I get them in size 11, like my regular shoes?


  2. J. Weeston says:

    Hey Ruben, sorry for the delay! We’ve been working hard the last few weeks to get this site up and going, and we’re almost 100% there!

    As for your question, this will really come down to the manufacturer, and because of this many boot makers have their own fit guides. Some things you’ll want to consider, too, are how thick are your socks going to be while you wear them; are you still growing or have you pretty much reached the age where you’ve stopped; and do you need two different sizes for each of your feet?

    For the most part, though, you’ll just want to buy boots that are your shoe size, but make sure that if you’re shopping online you’re going with a place that has an excellent history with customer service and a reliable return policy, should the boots be too small or too big for you. Remember, too big of boots can mean that they will slip and can cause you or your bike serious damage if they happen to slip at the wrong time. Your boots should fit snug, but not rub the backs of your ankles too much. The toes should be reinforced and/or sturdy for shifting purposes, too.

    Thanks for reading our review, and check back real soon for more gear, bike and product reviews!

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