Reviewed: Xelement Women’s Fashion Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket


Xelement Womens Fashion Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket

There are women’s leather jackets and then there are women’s leather motorcycle jackets. The Xelement Fashion Black is the latter.

Made from high grade, premium leather, this is the jacket women who are serious about riding are going to want to buy. Not only does it have an easy snap up set of buttons on the chest and wrists, but it has a snap-up, dress-shirt type collar to make you look good while protecting you good, too.

The polyester lining was nice and cool to the touch after our outdoor heat test, though there were some minor comments from one of our testers that it got a little warm in direct sunlight. Though, it should be noted that these comments were made while the wearers were not riding, and were just walking around town. During riding there were no complaints about the jacket being too hot, and in fact it was given high marks by one of our lady testers that it kept her both cool during the late afternoon, and kept her warm and cozy long after the sun had gone down.

The two outer pockets on either side of the Xelement jacket were well-sized for a woman’s hands, though the depth left a little to be desired by one of our wearers. The two inside pockets, however, were given high praise for being deep and spacious, yet still covered in good quality material so you didn’t have what was inside the pockets rubbing up against your stomach or chest.

Xelement is well known by now for giving us some of the better riding utility and good looking leather boots and jackets, and they continue that trend with this woman’s Fashion Black leather jacket. If you’re a woman that just wants to get around town in your car this may not be the best choice for you; but if you’re a woman that takes her motorcycle or scooter seriously then you should seriously consider this high-quality motorcylce jacket from Xelement.

The Xelement Women’s Fashion Black leather motorcycle jacket retails for $159.00, but has this great jacket on sale right now for $89.95. That is beyond a bargain for the quality of material and excellent look you get with this jacket.

Do you love this woman’s jacket as much as we all do? Do you love the shirt-style collar? Do you like the look? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think and if this is something you’ll be buying this holiday season!

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