Reviewed: Vulcan Armored Jacket With Thermomix Insulation


Vulcan VNE-98431 Motorcycle Jacket

If you wear the Vulcan VNE-98431 Motorcycle Jacket you will look good. That is just a fact. This armored jacket has just the right amount of zippers, style, flare and functionality to make it one of the better jackets you could choose to ride in, too.

This Vulcan motorcycle jacket features a removable THERMOMIX insulated liner to keep you warmer than a lot of thicker, bulkier jackets out there; and it also features front and rear ventilation vents to keep you cool (which, if you decide to buy this jacket, you will at least look cool at all times).

Going more through the functionality side of things, the Vulcan VNE-98431 Motorcycle Jacket also features CE approved armor in the shoulders, back and elbows. The armor that’s included in this jacket is non-removable, unfortunately, but it still allows for a high range of movement while giving near-maximum protection in a commercial riding jacket.

While I know that Velcro isn’t as appealing to some people as buckles, snaps and zippers, I was actually very grateful that this Vulcan jacket had Velcro wrist tabs at the end of the more-traditional zippered cuffs. Velcro tabs at the wrist just give a little bit more freedom to adjust for individual wrist/hand sizes, and it gives better wind and weather protection when combined with a good set of gloves. There is also a Velcro tab at the bottom of the chest and on the neck collar as well, which I like for exactly the same reasons mentioned before.

One of the last, final touches I enjoyed about the Vulcan VNE-98431 Motorcycle Jacket was that the arms were pre-curved, so that even though the test jacket I got was new, it still had that “worn-in” feeling that I miss whenever I go from wearing my own jacket to a newer, test jacket for a review.


A few quick additional perks found on this excellent jacket are YKK zippers, which were easy to zip up and down with riding gloves on; Keprotec with Kevlar lining in the armpit and under-arm areas (little bit more added protection is never a bad thing); reflective piping on either shoulder for dark/night riding and finally some elastic has been fitted into the ribbing of the back to give even more comfort and range of movement when twisting and turning (both yourself and your bike).

Now, the Vulcan VNE-98431 Armored Jacket normally goes for $399.95 direct from the company, and, while that is a bit on the high side for a jacket, this one is very much worth that price. With the THERMOMIX liner, CE armor and all-around build and manufacturing quality, I would definitely consider still buying this jacket for the retail price. Thankfully I don’t have to, though, and neither do you, as is selling this Vulcan jacket right now for more than 50% off (or, $189.95 for those of you playing the home game). That is absolutely worth it. I promise.

Anything more you want to know about this jacket that we didn’t cover in our review? Do you own it and think it is a slice of heaven (taken from a cow)? Then leave us a message or question in the comments section below!

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