Reviewed: Outlaw Rally Racing Orange Stripe Helmet

Retro-Inspired Helmet Looks Great On and Off the Head

Retro-Inspired Helmet Looks Great On and Off the Head

The Outlaw Rally Racing Motorcycle Helmet is a retro-inspired 3/4 helm with a very sweet looking orange and black racing stripe that runs the entire length. And unlike a lot of 3/4 and full-face helmets out there, this one sits close to your head, features a very low profile and weights less than 3 pounds; yet this Outlaw retro-style rally racing helmet is still DOT approved.

Outlaw’s Rally Racing helmet comes with a snap-on, removable gold bubble visor, which helps prevent road fatigue fairly well. However, I preferred to just have the five button snaps exposed with no visor, as it gave the helmet an even more nostalgic feel when I was cruising around on my cafe racer. The chrome strip around the front was a nice touch, too.

Even though this is a retro-inspired motorcycle helmet there are still modern helmet features to be found. The chin strap isn’t itchy and is nicely padded for an added level of comfort. I was very surprised and elated to see that the cheek pads and liner were removable and machine-washable. I will never, ever buy a helmet in the future that does not feature a removable liner, and I was glad that the Rally Racing Helmet had it as I’m seriously considering making it my fourth helmet.

Outlaw Rally Racing Orange Stripe Open Face Helmet2

Finally, as someone that has already spoken at some length about how much I love and prefer goggles to sunglasses, I was very glad to see this retro Rally helmet sport a rear button for locking my goggles onto whenever I am not riding. It’s mostly a style choice rather than anything overly convenient  but just like an arm rest in a car, you’re always thankful when it’s there even if you don’t miss it when it’s not.

Outlaw’s black and orange Rally Racing 3/4 motorcycle helmet retails for a mere $139.95, which is a good price for any helmet. However, right now if you have the urge to buy this immediately you can do so over at for more than 50% off retail price, or $59.95. That is a steal for a child’s-size helmet, let alone a high-quality, DOT-approved retro helmet that just looks cool and feels great.

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