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Whether you’re just going to be doing some riding in the rain this weekend, or you will be going on a long road trip and need to pack accordingly, one thing you should always have in your saddle bag or home closet is a good quality waterproof jacket.

For years I ignored this simple advice. But, after a relentless two days of nothing but cold rain in the upper northeast of Wyoming I finally caved and went to the closest motorcycle shop I could find and bought the most expensive thing on the rack. That was totally unnecessary, too, though, given that you can get an excellent waterproof jacket for less than $100 bucks. Don’t believe me? Well then you’ll want to check out the Tourmaster Men’s Rincon waterproof jacket.

This is a 3/4 length jacket made with waterproof 75 denier x 150 denier oiled cotton, making it one of the lighter, yet solid jackets you’ll find in this category. Tourmaster has thought of just about everything with this jacket, right down to a weighted collar that doesn’t flap (much) when it’s open. At speeds below 50 mph (and you don’t want to be going much faster than that during rain anyway) the collar barely moved, and above 50 it was only a slight, occasional slap against my neck.

The Rainguard barrier did a great job of keeping the wet weather out while not keeping my sweat in. I was also impressed by how well vented this jacket could be when the sleeve and rear vents were open. Air could travel through while still keeping most, if not all moisture off my arms and chest. The main zipper on the front also features dual flaps that cover it and keep the wind and cold from finding sneaky ways to get to you while riding.

Some other nice features of the Tourmaster Rincon Jacket that I liked were the Tourmaster-standard reflective triangle on the back (making rain riding a little bit more safe for those cars and trucks that will be splashing by), and a ton of additional pockets on the front that are perfect for warming hands, putting a map and wallet, and more. Finally, the Tourmaster Z.O.Q. (which stands for Zip-Out-Quilted) liner came off easily enough and could be washed separately from the rest of the jacket.


This jacket, for the excellent craftsmanship it showcases, should be about $200.00 bucks easy. And it would definitely sell for that. However, the guys at Tourmaster decided to price the Rincon Black Motorcycle Jacket at just $109.99. You can find it for a bit cheaper over at, though, for just $98.99. That’s two hundred dollars cheaper than the “name brand” jacket I bought in Wyoming, and it works just as well if not better.

I highly recommend that any rider, regardless of the sport or style of bike you ride, get a bad-weather jacket. And the Tourmaster Ricon is a great jacket to consider.

If you love this jacket as much as we do, leave a comment below and tell us what you like the most about it!

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