R.I.P. 12 Year Old Racer Kenny Anderson



After being declared brain dead, and after suffering from a coma for almost 10 days, 12 year old Kenny Anderson has passed away. Kenny was racing in Buttonwillow, California on March 3rd when he got into an accident on the race track. The young Anderson boy was treated at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles for wounds suffered during the crash, but he never woke up from his coma.

His family posted to his fan’s Facebook page soon after the accident, and yesterday at around 2pm the page was updated by his family with this message:

“Kenny was declared brain dead today,” his family posted on Anderson’s Facebook Fan Page. “He died doing what he loved, and what he excelled at. I have no doubt that there was nowhere on earth Kenny would rather have been last weekend than at the racetrack, racing his motorcycles and hanging out with his friends. I’m sorry that all the thoughts and prayers we have received were not enough to bring him back, but please know that your love and comforting words really helped us get through the past week. Please keep Kenny The Iceman #12 in your thoughts. Live your lives to the fullest, and hug your children every day.”

We hope all of you will give your thoughts and prayers to this family, and we encourage all of our readers to always ride safe, and always wear the right gear. There is no way to be 100% safe, as the Anderson family is aware, but please never take any unnecessary risks while riding, no matter the speed or circumstance.

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