Reviewed: Xelement XG-850 Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves


Xelement XG-850 Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

I bought my first pair of motorcycle riding gloves when I was 12 years old (well, my dad helped a little). They were a cheap pair of fingerless gloves from a vendor at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in the Black Hills of South Dakota, but I could not have been happier. Fingerless gloves just make anyone, 12 year old kids included, look bad ass.The pair of fingerless gloves I’m reviewing today keep that tradition of bad assery alive and well.

Xelement, which is one of my favorite brands for anything leather-related, makes the XG-850 Fingerless Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves; and they are the real deal. While that cheap pair of gloves I bought as a kid have long since fallen apart and fallen into a trashcan, the Xelement XG-850 Fingerless Gloves are made from excellently treated deerskin. Deerskin gloves are tough, just like other leathers, but they are also incredibly soft and flexible — two features you’re going to want on 500 mile riding days.

While I obviously wouldn’t recommend these gloves for winter riding or even night riding in some parts of the country (Southwest America, I’m looking at you), for hot summer days nothing beats a pair of fingerless gloves. When you put the Xelement XG-850 gloves on you can immediately feel the quality that went into assembling the. The half-fingers bend easily, allowing excellent clutch and brake control, and there is a little bit of extra gel cushioning on the palm area; which any rider who mounts a Harley or other heavy vibrating bike will appreciate after only a few miles of travel.

The flimsy gloves I bought all those years ago at my first rally tightened up with a loosely connected strand of leather that was meant to be tied off. Needless to say, that was the first part of the gloves that fell apart and into the dust of what I believe was Montana. The Xelement XG-850 Motorcycle Gloves, however, have elastic-built cuffs with a sturdy Velcro stitching to keep them firmly attached to your wrist.

The best part about these gloves, though, is the price. I paid about $25.00 for my first pair of fingerless gloves and used up all of my lawn-mowing money from the spring and summer on them. The Xelement XG-850 gloves retail for about $29.99 and they are definitely worth that., though, sells them for just $19.95. 12 year old me knows I got ripped off and wishes I would’ve had this pair all along.

Got any more questions about these gloves? Or any questions about how bad ass I was before puberty (just kidding, don’t ask)? Well leave a comment in the section below!

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