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Maybe you just like to street race (legally, I hope) around the side roads of your hometown. Maybe you like to do some laps around a local track on the weekends. No matter what type of use you get out of your street bike, O’Neal Men’s Element Black Boots are an excellent way to keep you safe as you cross any finish line — real or imagined.

O’Neal’s Element Black Boots are, according to them, “built to the quality of a first class racing boot.” I have to say, as someone who has actually worn a great number of “real” racing boots that O’Neal has gotten things right in their description. The boots, when you first put them on, feel solid. They went high enough up my ankle to give me that little bit extra protection I want to feel when I know my knees might be scraping asphalt, and the padding around the ankle and sole was nice, firm and still soft. You might not want to use these as your hiking boots, though, as I noticed that they started to feel extremely heavy after a couple hundred yards of walking.

For added features and protection the O’Neal Element boots have a metal shank running through the sole, as well as a feature I’m always glad to see in ‘faux-racing’ boots: a plastic shin plate. Shin plates, especially well-molded ones like the one found on this set of boots, will help keep your feet in the position they need to be in throughout turns and quick shifting. They also give you a bit more protection in the event of an accident, as they keep your feet and ankle from rolling and twisting as much as a regular, leather boot.

The Element boots feature a good, grippy rubber sole and the rest of the boots’ exterior are made from genuine leather. Each boot also features four buckles which are fully adjustable, and when I was making them fit my own feet I had no problem finding just the right setting after only a handful of attempts. The buckles when locked into place felt secure and snug; I didn’t have any concerns about them snapping loose as a result of random, normal feet movement.

I honestly expected these boots, with the quality and craftsmanship they offer, to be about $180.00 or more, and I was really shocked to find out that they retail for about $129.99. Even better, though, some vendors sell this exact same pair of boots in all men’s sizes for only $114.39 — an even better deal on a boot that is anything but “entry level.”

If you have these boots or if you just have a question about them for us, leave a comment in the section below. We love hearing from you!

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