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I’ll be upfront and say that the styling on Bell’s new MX-2 helmets aren’t going to be for everyone. The Multi Breaker version, especially, screams loudly at you and everyone else in its vicinity…demanding people’s attention while it gets ready to soar by and flip over the last dirt hill near the finish line. This being said, though, the Bell MX-2 Motocross helmets are a great addition to the Bell lineup of helmets for dirt bike enthusiasts, and are well-made all around.

The first thing you’ll notice when you pick up this helmet, besides the obvious loud styling, is the weight. MX-2 helmets are built from very sturdy fiberglass and they come in at just over 3.30 lbs, which is a perfect weight for a motocross helm. It is just light enough to give you total head movement and flexibility while riding and twisting, and it is heavy enough to actually protect you in the event that you biff the landing.

Speaking of biffed landings, if you do happen to have to ditch your bike while riding, you can at least know that the MX-2 motocross helmets from Bell are both DOT and SNELL approved, meeting the strictest guidelines for motorcycle safety when it comes to head accidents.

As I’m sure many of the people interested in this line of helmets will be using them for some light to heavy off-road action, they’ll be pleased to know, as I was, that the MX-2 helmets have a removable and machine-washable liner on the inside. It still surprises me when I come across motocross helmets that don’t have a removable liner, but they are still out there. No one wants to put on a helmet that’s caked in sweat, dirt and god-knows-what-else, so the washable liner is always a nice touch.

Bell MX-2 motocross helmets also include three EPS liner sizes, so you’ll get a 100% perfect fit regardless of head size; and the MX-2’s also have an EPS-lined chinbar and padded chin strap for added comfort.

Bell MX-2 Motocross Helmet2

Like all Bell helmets, the MX-2 Motocross helmets come with a 5 year warranty. They retail directly from Bell for about $229.95, but, not surprisingly, the guys over at have both the MX-2 Multi Breaker and MX-2 Reverb on sale right now for just $179.95. That’s $50 bucks off the original price, for those of you (like me) who hate doing the math in their heads.

Be sure to check out the MX-2 helmets for yourself at the above link, and if you already own one or are thinking of owning one, leave us a comment below — telling us anything we forgot or anything you’d like to add or ask. We love hearing from you!

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