Biker Babe – Hot as Hell, But What Does the Rest of Her Shirt Say?!



We like this picture for obvious reasons. Great looking babe on a great looking bike.

What we really want to know, though, is just what does the rest of this lady’s shirt say? I mean, what the hell is she looking for?!

The text on her (very) short t-shirt gets cut off, and now instead of just being able to admire the woman for all she is, and admire the Harley-Davidson for all it is (and be envious of the bike for being host to the fine damsel), we just have to sit here, frustrated.

Here are some possibilities:

1.) She’s just looking for…a pair of full leather pants. That would definitely help, and be more appropriate riding apparel for someone anyone who plans on doing any actual riding. But is that the real answer?

2.) She’s just looking for…a puppy. I mean, it’s possible, right?  Did she lose her puppy? Did it run away with her real pants? Did it fall off the bike and that is why she is facing the wrong direction? But, if that were the case she wouldn’t be smiling, would she? We might never know.

3.) She’s just looking for…the handlebars. Is she aware that she’s sitting the wrong way on a bike, and that she would probably be better off facing the other direction? Maybe she lost her map. Maybe she’s from Australia (don’t they do things upside down or backwards?). Maybe she’s a natural blonde (EDITOR’S NOTE: Not funny, I’m a natural blonde and we actually know how to ride properly)

4.) She’s just looking for…the best motorcycle webizine on the planet. Wait. No, that can’t be it. She’s already ON the best motorcycle webizine on the planet. She’s here, afterall, isn’t she?

5.) She’s just looking for…sum tush. ‘Nuff Said. (Thanks KC).

Anyway, while you come up with your own theories as to what this beautiful biker babe is really searching for in this quandary of existence we know as life, go ahead and enjoy just staring at all God gave her. And then come back to reality, and your real significant other glaring at you sitting at the computer with this image open, apologize, tell your woman she’s beautiful and then go on and read all of our latest motorcycle reviews, first looks and more. Right here, right now at X-Motorcycle.

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