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Joe Rocket Men's Sonic R Black Boots2

It was a very, very bittersweet day when I sold my street bike and went with a cruiser instead. I knew I would miss the way my bike turned into corners around the wooded roads near where I grew up. I knew I would miss the way it could jettison me to 70 mph in just a couple tiny seconds. I also knew I’d miss all the gear I had that was made specifically for my street bike. From the helmet all the way down to the boots. So, it’s with a hint of that hard, yet pleasant memory that I review for you Joe Rocket’s Sonic R Black Boots.

Joe Rocket makes some products that are, for better or worse, a little loud for my own taste. Even during my street bike days I opted for more neutral colors and, typically flat black everything. That’s part of the reason why I like the Sonic R boots so much. They still have some stylistic flare and pizzazz to them, but most of it is located in the places you’ll never quite notice unless you want to. The boots, when worn with riding pants (or, hell, just your favorite pair of jeans) look good and feel better.

The full, split grain leather that makes up the heft of this pair of motorcycle boots is solid and still flexible. The inside features Joe Rocket’s Dry Tech waterproof membrane, which I noticed was fairly breathable, but I did have some time when I felt my feet getting a little too warm for my liking.

One more note about the aesthetics: the toe armor is both flashy and functional. While it may not be up to the standards of a full-fledged racing boot, the toe armor will protect you for the daily and not-so-daily rides you take on your street bike. The toe armor is also replaceable, and the pieces can be ordered fairly cheaply from Joe Rocket directly and other online vendors as well.

Joe Rocket Men's Sonic R Black Boots1

Speaking of safety features, Joe Rocket’s Sonic R Black Boots have a reflective stripe on the back, which is always a nice touch for those who choose to ride after the sun caves in for the day. The Sonic R boots also have internally reinforced heel, toe, shin and ankle protection. I noticed, though, that when walking with these boots that at times my gait felt a little off, and I’m not sure if this was because of said reinforcement, or if it was just because they were a newer pair of boots that weren’t completely worn-in yet.

Overall, these boots will work out great for the boy racer in all of us, and they offer just enough flare and flash without being four-color-toned with flashing spotlights attached to the sides.

Joe Rocket’s Sonic R Black Boots for street bikers of all ages retail for about $129.99, but you can get them from for just $116.99 right now if you want to head on over there and check them out yourselves.

If you have these boots or any questions about them, please feel free to leave a comment or question below. We honestly love getting your feedback on all our reviews and articles!

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