Gear First Looks: Rev’It Sand Pro Gloves



The Sand Pro Gloves offer class leading  protection, ergonomics and ventilation. The glove’s palms are made of goatskin for precise control, and the upper is fully stretchable and breathable to help maintain a cool and comfortable grip.

The Sand Pro gloves are comfortable, lightweight and provide a rare combination of durability and flexibility. The injected ventilated flex knuckle is engineered exclusively by our in-house R&D department and offers unparalleled impact absorption while simultaneously aiding in ventilation.

By injecting hexagon-shaped Thermo Plastic Rubber elements directly on top of the glove’s fabric panel we’ve achieved an incredibly strong and durably constructed glove.

The Thermo Plastic Rubber has excellent abrasion resistance properties and is extremely lightweight, and these properties made it possible to raise the profile of the gloves protective elements — and therefore raise the safety factor — without making the glove bulky or unwieldy.

Thanks to the open honeycomb structure of its protective panel this glove allows airflow to pass freely through its air mesh top panel. The new knuckle protector is so flexible we were able to extend it across the top of the glove to cover the entire knuckle area all the way up to the first joint of the finger, adding precious protection without adding weight or sacrificing freedom of movement.

The end result of all this engineering is a glove that boasts impressive impact absorption features yet still manages to maintain venting and wearer comfort.

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