LAPD Begins Testing of Brammo Electric Motorcycles



In a move that has some people out here in LA shaking their heads, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has decided to do an initial test run on electric motorcycles — specifically the ultra-fast Brammo bikes, outfitted with some saddlebags and a few other accessories (complete with mandatory American flag).

The Brammo electric motorcycles are some of the fastest bikes out there, and will definitely have the speed needed to keep up with even the most intense sports cars that you’re bound to see in the Beverly Hills and Malibu areas of the city, but the range on the bikes — along with the time needed in-between charges — still leaves a lot to be desired. While a normal motorcycle police officer can just fill up his gasoline-fueled bike at any of the gas stations that grace our city streets with their ridiculously high prices, officers testing out the Brambo bikes will have about a maximum of 200 miles before they’ll need to spend at least a few hours re-charging at some stands, and about an hour at some quick-charge areas.


With the cost of Brammo bikes still being more than a great many “normal” motorcycles out there, we have to wonder if this is anything more than a PR stunt. Something just to make the LAPD seem more advanced, “green” and environmentally conscious. We love electric motorcycles, but we just don’t think they are ready for prime time…even out here where there are numerous public charging stations and riding weather that lasts (arguably) 365 days a year.

The initial test run will feature just a handful of bikes being tested in differing areas of the city, and an announcement about further rollout of more units is expected sometime in the next year. We’ll be very, very surprised if this leads to anything more than a test unit of 10-15 bikes, but this is LA after all, and miracles are manufactured every day.

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  1. Mark S says:

    I bet if you check, other than commuting to work and back home, LAPD motor officers would rarely ever go over 200 miles in a shift. CHP may do that much on the Freeway, but not LAPD on surface streets.

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